Blog #1- About the author


My name is Mariam Chardiwall and I am a junior at Hunter College. This is my first Honors class as well as the first blog and twitter account I have created, which comes to show that there is a first time for everything! I am a feminist and I have found this out while taking my first Women and Gender Studies class two years ago at HunterCollege. It’s not like I never heard the term “feminist” before, but I did not know of the wholesome meaning behind it. Understanding the gendered world that we live in through feminist epistemology is an empowering process that I am going through.

I have created this blog for my “Feminism: New Media and Health” class and will be exploring aspects of women’s health from a Bottom-up knowledge approach, which does not rely on patriarchal discourse prevalent in the media and other sources of information. Understanding women’s health is not about analyzing if women are eating from all the major food groups of the food pyramid (which was established by Kellogg’s and other major food industries). As Professor Daniels stated in class, it is about the “…ways in which being a woman can be harmful to your health…”

Having unfolded the objective of this blog, I am excited to carry on with the “new media” aspect of this class as well interacting with the work of my peers.  Although I enjoy reading much more than writing, this class will help me expand on the burst of thoughts I have while reading.


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