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Video Blog # 4



Produce a campaign video directed to United States feminist communities explaining at least two (2) effects of war/violent conflict on women, why these issues need our attention and what resources might be used in order to address these effects and create a more stable life for women living through conflict.


Video BLog #3


Video Blog Assignment:  In groups of two or three, produce a creative 1- 3min web video that challenges and/or demonstrates resistance towards some of the negative representations of women of color’s bodies online.

Here is my group’s analysis and response to racist discourse and how new media tackles it!

Ending Street Harassment Hollaback Style!


As a video blog assignment, I made this video supporting the Hollaback! initiative to end street harassment. The main issue with streer harassment is that it is not mitigated in an effective through the legal system in New York City, which allows the police to develop a case only after repeatedly experiencing streer harassment! Through the power of narratives, Hollaback!NYC and other Hollaback branches advocate for women to share their experiences with street harassment and create awareness on how frequently this phenomenon actually occurs.

Ideal Feminist Clinic


Short Video Assignment #1: In groups of 3, produce a short video describing the kind of feminist health care clinic that you would create. Make sure to include: 1. Target Community Members (Low-income, families, etc), 2. Clinic Goals/Mission Statement, 3. Services Provided, 4. How you will handle payments for patients, (is it a sliding scale, set free, etc), 5. Staff/Volunteer Organizational Structure (is there a board? Do you have a licensed physician? Who has a say in the decisions? Are the decisions made by board members or consensus based?, etc).